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Welcome to the new look Ameroz site – the place for secure shipping USA to Australia and shipping from all round the world to Australia. New site – same experience and personal service – verified by hundreds of grateful customers.

Our new site provides a detailed summary of our multiple services: fully managed shipping from USA to Australia or from anywhere in the world, USA buying assistance, regular online container space auctions,  and USA buying tours.

Many new customers are a little nervous when embarking on importing an expensive vehicle from USA to Australia and they usually have some questions. That’s why our page on shipping USA to Australia provides a detailed overview of the steps involved and answers a lot of common questions prospective customers have about the process.

Our page on our USA buying assistance service does the same. Our buying assistance service is unique and personalised. We help customers negotiate the process of buying a car, bike or any vehicle direct from the USA.

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to the USA to visit all the car and bike shows to purchase your dream car and then ship it home, you can make it happen on one of our tailored buying tours of the USA. We’ll be your tour guide and take you and your mates to all the best places to buy the bike or car you’ve dreamed of owning. For more details take a look at our buying tours page.

Our customers are our biggest champions. Many of our customers use and trust our services to ship their valuable assets from USA to Australia again, and again. Read what our customers say about their experience shipping with us on our testimonials page.

We hope our new site provides you with the information you need and answers your questions. We are always happy to hear from you. Please contact us for a quote or to answer any other questions you have about any of our services. Ask us a question via our online chat.

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